Flexible marriage coaching for one or both partners


It doesn't take time to rebuild connection with your partner, it takes courage.

This means that your marriage could be feeling dramatically lighter within *weeks*. Which is exactly what my private coaching program  is designed for- fast, lasting change. 

You, but beaming with pride in your solid, FLIRTY marriage & your secure af family unit.

You love your partner & you're 100% committed to them but...


You're tired of the roommates vibes. 

Your marriage is good, but it's not *great* and you know it could be. 

You have a vision of the two of you thriving together- but every time you build momentum your differences flare up & it feels like 10 steps backwards.

You’re juggling lots of expectations, needs, and schedules, trying to get a lot of things done for a lot of people-

it's pushed your marriage to the bottom of the list for too long & it's showing.

Every day you get up hoping to prioritise your partner or respond the way you want to respond to them-

but something always gets in the way. 

You swing from overwhelm & resentment to guilt & shame and back again. 

You don't want to postpone giving your marriage the attention it needs-

but you also don't have time for date nights (haha nope), or the head space for more couples therapy that didn't give you guys what you needed last time anyways.

I want you to know- 

It’s possible to shift your relationship so there’s also room for you, your needs, your desires AS WELL as those of partner.

It's possible to manage your differences so well- they no longer cause disconnection.

It's possible for you to have the warm, authentic connection you're craving without either of you needing to become non-reactive robots.

My 1:1 package & action-focused programs help you create THIS version of your marriage simply & efficiently



Private coaching for one partner


Individual Package Inclusions:

- 6 Months x fortnightly (biweekly) 1:1 sessions for one partner
- Voice/text coaching between sessions 
- Access to the Proactive Partner Path membership (both partners receive access).


payment plans available from $535 p/m

Individual Package

Private coaching for both partners


Couples Package Inclusions:

- 6 Months x fortnightly (biweekly) 1:1 sessions for each partner (not couples sessions)
- Voice/text coaching between sessions (each partner has their own private msg thread with me for on-the-go coaching)
- Access to the Proactive Partner Path membership (both partners receive access).


Investment AUD$6000
payment plans available from $1000 p/m

Couples Package

Package inclusions

...designed to meet you where you're at and fit easily into your full schedule.

Transformational, action-focused curriculum

Continue learning & making progress with action-focused steps between sessions with the Proactive Partner Path membership program. 

Sessions via Google Meet or regular phone call

Choose video call or regular phone call for our fortnightly sessions, depending on your personal preferences.

Text/Voice note coaching between sessions

LITERAL magic happens in my 1:1 coaching threads. Texting between sessions for guidance or clarity often leads to huge breakthroughs right when my clients need it.

If you‚Äôre ready to¬†simplify marriage- to step into your¬†‚Äėeverything's figuroutable‚Äô¬†era and experience the mad, passionate love that already exists between you but that's been buried under life, kids & hardship- while¬†giving zero f*cks about anyone else's thoughts about your marriage...you're in the right place.

 In my world marriage is simple.


I combine the best elements of attachment science, relational psychotherapy, Gottman research based interventions & CBT based life coaching. AND I pride myself on being the example of how you do not need to be fully healed or 100% non-reactive to have an amazing marriage. My method enables you to create positive, lasting change- with both you and your partner exactly as you are. You'll step off the emotional rollercoaster of living in reactivity to your partner and you'll refocus on what's within your control (which is way more than you think) to create the solid, delicious partnership you know is possible.


The Proactive Partner Path membership is included as part of your coaching package. Inside PPP you'll have access to 4 programs which will become your complete, holistic system for transforming your marriage. Click on this Card for details.

There's only 2 days a year you can't work on your marriage- yesterday + tomorrow.

Stop waiting for the perfect circumstances. TODAY is the day to get started- in the thick of family life, in the messy middle.

The incredible thing about this work is that it will uplevel ALL of the important relationships in your life. 

Got questions? DM me on Facebook or Instagram so we can get you closer to being married like you *mean* it.


Individual Package



  • 6 Months x fortnightly sessions for¬†one partner
  • Voice/text coaching between sessions
  • Access to the Proactive Partner Path membership
  • Adventure Challenge Couples Edition (Australian residents only)

Couples Package


Most Popular

  • 6 Months x fortnightly 1:1 sessions for¬†BOTH partners (not couples sessions)
  • Voice/text coaching between sessions (each partner has their own 1:1 thread with me)
  • Access to the Proactive Partner Path membership
  • Adventure Challenge Couples Edition (Australian residents only)